Common gambling terms you must have to know before visiting a casino

Every online gambler needs to visit a casino, you will get a completely different experience of gambling. But before all this, you must have to prepare yourself like decide the casino, read the rules of the casino and games. The most important things to learn the major terms used in the casino. Let us tell you the online sites like judi online24jam use very few gambling terms as compared to offline casinos.

These are few common gambling terms you must have to know before visiting a casino:

  • Card washing 

When you visit any casino for the first time you will get confused with the term card washing. It does not mean to wash cards with soap and water, it means the shuffling of the cards by the dealer before spreading them on the table. You can also get to see the shuffling machines which save the time of the dealer. Some casino sites judi online24jam also use this term in the game room.

  • Chips 

Chips are the currency of the casino as it is used to play gambling games. When you win any game you will get chips as a reward. After ending the game you have to visit the cage to convert chips into cash.

  • Cold\hot 

The word cold is used to refer to the person who is losing the game. It is mostly used in table games. On the other hand, the hot is used to refer to the winner of the game. So don’t be confused next time when you hear those words.